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Submitted on
January 3, 2013


15 (who?)
Today is the last day for entries! I will be closing the entry submission later tonight, so if you're still working on your entry, hurry it up! Remember, I will NOT be taking any submissions after today.

Ok, since everyone liked the idea of this contest, I've decided to hold it!

:bulletblue:What to do:
All you have to do is color the line art that I have provided. You can either color it traditionally, digitally, ect.
Also, you can submit as many as you want, but you can only win 1 place.

-Please give me credit for the line art.

-Link me to your entry. I won't come looking for it.

-Do not remove my signature from the pic

-Please have fun. :)

:bulletorange:Due Dates:
Jan. 3rd-Jan 31st (Due date may change)

1st Place:
-150 Points
-1 Free Chibi Drawing by :iconflirtingwithinsanity:
-Free very detailed Jack Frost drawing with background by :iconteto-momo-utane:
-Free chibi RotG charcter with transparent background by me.
-4-6 Chapter Fanfic with any RotG pairing you wish by :iconbrittanychayanne:
-1 Free request from :iconinternal-flame13:
-1 Free RotG commission by :iconmagicalscarfghost:
-Free drawing of your oc with RotG character by :iconask-sandy-rotg:
-RotG Pairing Fanfic by :iconhetalia-fangirly:

2nd Place:
-50 Points
-Free normal detailed Jack Frost drawing with small background by :iconteto-momo-utane:
-On Shot Story by :iconbrittanychayanne:
-1 Free request from :iconinternal-flame13:
-1 Free RotG commission by :iconmagicalscarfghost:

-10 Points
-Free Chibi Jack with no background by :iconteto-momo-utane:
-1 Free request from :iconinternal-flame13:
-Free Background by :iconlinkkirbymario:

Prize Donations Needed!

The Line Art
Contest Line Art by Ask-RotG

Current Entries:
Uhh... Jack? by BrittanyChayanneMistletoe Mishap by BrittanyChayanne
contest entry :D by Jacoline-wynterfrost
Contest Entry by ChibiSweets
Jack and Sandy by I-love-pie-2
Contest Entry :D by MedSteph
Little Sandy And Jack by khftw
Sandy and Jack by ANGEL-418
Who are you? by LinkKirbyMario
Jack and Sandy by KikiYoko9209
Sandy And Jack :3 by MustacheMonkey108
Jack and Sandy by RandomGirl2222
Contest Line Art By Ask Rotg submition by AnimeTama
Jack and Sandy Body Swap by LuckyDragonfly
Jack and Sandy Contest Entry by AriyannaxShiku
-Ask-RotG- Little Brother -CONTEST- by For-the-Third-Time-Ask-RotG- Little Brother -CONTEST-Second Entry- by For-the-Third-Time
Jack and sandy #2 by RandomGirl2222Jack and Sandy #1 by RandomGirl2222
Color contest entry by chillydragon
Contest Line Art Colored By Ask Rotg by Superstar460
Jack and Sandy by FairyTail06
#!*@% by GamerShelke
Jack and Sandy~ Contest Entry by Fangalissious

My main account: :iconarthropleura:

:iconrotg-guardiansunited:-Ask Sandman (Sandy)

Other Ask Accounts:

Some free to use RotG icons that I created
Pitch Bouncing Icon by ArthropleuraSandy Bouncing Icon by ArthropleuraTooth Bouncing Icon by ArthropleuraNorth Bouncing Icon by ArthropleuraBunny Boucing Icon by ArthropleuraJack Bouncing Icon by Arthropleura
  • Mood: Artistic
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GamerShelke Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
[link] For the Contest!!
Fangalissious Jan 30, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I did this :) [link]

(DA is glitching for me, sorry if I posted twice)
Fangalissious Jan 30, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I did this :) [link]

Sorry for the late entry.
[link] [link]
I have tow and sorry they are side ways
Ask-RotG Jan 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD They look great! Good luck in the contest!
[link] Hi, this is my entry. :)
Ask-RotG Jan 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It looks amazing! Good luck in the contest! ^_^
:hug: Thank you a lot!
Your lineart looks great!
Ask-RotG Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why thank you. <3
Teto-Momo-Utane Jan 20, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Oh my god I'm still in the making of the prizes I need to hurry up and finnish before its to late!!!!!!!!!!!!! *goes running to her sketch pad*
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